Thermographic Inspection: What are the Advantages?

August 24th, 2021

Infrared thermography technology can be very useful when it comes to inspecting a building. It can indeed detect problems invisible to the naked eye, such as heat loss problems in the roof, for example. It is a very useful technology to detect anomalies that could put the integrity of a building at risk. The following blog post will attempt to list the advantages of using infrared thermographic inspection to inspect your buildings.


Thermographic roof inspection is an important tool to find the smallest water infiltration without having to open the walls or ceilings. Indeed, the infrared camera can locate with great efficiency the places where water infiltrates without the need to make any opening. The camera records the temperature variations of a surface and transmits them as a thermal image. When you look at the image produced, the temperature variations appear as different colors depending on whether the surface being analyzed is dry or wet. If there is no water infiltration, the image produced will have a homogeneous color. In the opposite case, if the camera detects even the smallest infiltration, there will be a color contrast that will allow to locate precisely the origin of the problem and therefore to fix it quickly without having to fumble or replace the entire roof.

Other problems detected by the thermographic camera

The advantage of the thermographic camera is that it is not limited to detecting water infiltration. This type of technology is useful in a wide variety of situations that would otherwise be very difficult to identify. The thermographic camera can quickly locate plumbing defects, which again allows for repairs to be made at the precise location where the problem is detected without having to dismantle everything. The camera can also see heat loss and therefore insulation or ventilation problems. If the insulation is packed in the bottom of a wall and leaves the top uncovered, the camera can see it without having to open the wall. It can also detect rodents, insects or other harmful species, because they do not give off the same level of heat as the inert materials of the house. The thermographic camera is an ally in the hunt for mold and rot, which it can also easily detect.

Some dangerous problems can also be identified with the help of the thermographic camera, such as electrical overload. By identifying the problem quickly, it is possible to fix the situation and avoid a tragedy like a fire.

Whether it is before buying a new house, before selling the one you own or because you are worried about a problem that is difficult to identify by the eye, do not hesitate to contact professionals who can explain in detail the advantages of this advanced technology. The experts will always be happy to help you have peace of mind in a safe home.




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