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At QualiTAM, we offer you our legal expertise, for all of your residential, commercial and industrial cases in Montréal and the surrounding areas.

Expertise and Hidden Defect

Our experts at QualiTAM in Montreal and the surrounding areas, also offer you their services in hidden defects and legal expertise. Indeed, we specialize in the field and are renowned for our scientific point of view, our in-depth knowledge of building science and for our practical approach to construction and our impartiality. Our experts will analyze your building, identify the sources of the problem (s) and advise you on the procedure to follow.
  • Against expertise
  • Design and construction defects
  • Hidden and apparent defects
  • Conciliation
  • Arbitration

Examples of hidden defects

  • Water infiltration through the roof
  • Diffusion of odors between units
  • Air quality and mold
  • Defect hidden under the ground
  • Uncomfortable Heated Floor

At QualiTAM, we also offer our expert witness services to assist our clients in court

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