Mold inspections

Mold inspections

At QualiTAM, we take inspections very seriously. Our experience and our tools gives us a clear advantage over the competition by allowing us to find mold. In fact, we guarantee to find all traces of mold in your home. It cannot hide from us. Notably, we DO NOT offer mold remediation services. Our competitors who offer both are often looking out for their own interests. Our interest is in providing you with an honest, affordable inspection that does not conflict with our other services. However, we will recommend trustworthy, professional and affordable specialists.

Visual Inspections

From our years of experience, we have learned how to identify mold and its hiding places quickly and effectively. We can detect mold growth behind walls, ceilings and floors with tools such as humidity detectors and infrared cameras.

Air Quality Testing

Airborne mold spores can easily be detected by simple, cost effective air quality testing. Our experts can then determine whether or not you are breathing in hazardous mold spores and if so, how much. Air samples are analyzed by an accredited laboratory and a detailed report is provided to you presenting the results and how to remedy the situation. We offer this service for various types of buildings including commercial and industrial buildings.

Material Sampling

Not only is mold harmful to your health, it can damage your property. Knowing what type of mold you are dealing with is important to making an effective plan. We take surface or material samples from within your residential or commercial building and send them to a lab to be analyzed. Quite quickly, your results will be interpreted in a detailed report along with advice from our experts on how to deal with microbiological growth inside your property.

Infrared Inspections

Mold sometimes lurks deep in the walls or foundations of your property which is why we use infrared technology to find the sources of mold growth. This non-intrusive, non-destructive inspection technique allows us to accurately determine where mold is growing and the causes of this growth. Further, our professionals can take samples and test the affected area in order to provide you with a detailed report.

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